Equipment Room SMS Rental System

In the first step of many, I have a basic SMS rental system functioning. To test the system text the following to 41-411: itper checkout A1534 This follows the syntax required by the service of using the 41411 shortcode for their system, followed by my registered keyword “itper” followed by an internal keyword (either “checkout” or “return” and finally the serial number identifying the equipment you are checking out.

How does this work?

The service allows a text sent by anyone with the above syntax to ping a custom PHP page I’ve coded. The custom page records the sender’s phone number, text message, and timestamps the record as well. Then the script can recognize whether or not you’ve entered “checkout” or “return” and it sends a confirmation back to the sender.

How to make it better?

I’m going to continue developing this system to improve my PHP and mySQL skills. As a result of texting the “checkout” or “return” commands I would like a record in a separate database table to keep track of who has each piece of equipment checked out, as well as when it is due back. The due back date should then be sent with the confirmation after a ITP student checks out a piece of equipment.

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